Meet me back at neverland.

Pan: Part II // (pt.1)

“Meet me back at neverland,” the text read. Peter chuckled. Neverland was a nickname the boys fashioned for their shared house because their parents would “never” find out about since, well, those parents didn’t exist.

They also nicknamed themselves the lost boys because why not have a pack name that goes with the general narrative, anyways? Not all of them were boys, granted, but they were lost; they lacked the sense of family and decided to create their own.

Peter began his usual, mile-long trek from Wendy’s house to his own. His mind traveled back to his first encounter with his roommate, James, at a group therapy session during high school. They were introduced through their shared counselor because both boys had lost their parents at a young age and shared similar experiences in foster care. Their meeting started up a general sense of brotherhood and kinship that extended throughout and after high school. Neither of them ended up getting adopted, so they got a house together with the money saved up from working during high school. Currently, James was 21, the oldest of the lost boys, with Peter trailing him at 20; although, they were in the same grade because all the moving around pushed up Peter a year in grade school.

At community college, they befriended Alec and Rey, fraternal twins who were disowned by their parents after turning 18. Rey came out to her parents as bisexual and did not receive the support she thought she would receive, so the pair decided that they were better off on their own. The twins room with Matt at the house, who had a similar bad experiences with his own parents during high school.

David and Samantha were befriended by Alec and needed a place to stay; Peter was more than willing to accommodate. He secretly wanted a place as big as the one James and he rented in order to house kids who needed a place to live near campus, such as Dave and Sam.

They occupy the third room. Sam moved to America to study at the state school, while Dave was her floormate that realized dorm life was too much money for him. His family had decided that paying for college when their son was an Art History major didn’t seem like a worthwhile investment, so he worked hours on end to pay for it himself.

All of them shared household duties and paid their share of rent; they worked various jobs around town, while Alec didn’t work and focused on his paintings, selling them at local art shows for extra cash.

Five boys and two girls living under the same roof, no matter how big that roof was, presented itself as challenging, and Peter disliked responsibility more than the average person. He loved his housemates – his family – dearly, but easily felt overwhelmed with drama since James worked 40-hour weeks and was barely home for sibling-esque fights.

Visiting Wendy every night helped himself get through the next day. The pair had trouble sleeping and bonded over it in their fiction writing course at college. Their budding relationship centered around countless trips to the movie theaters around town and looking at the stars and the clock tower, which resided in the middle of the city, from the window in her apartment. They had been seeing each other for the majority of the year but hadn’t labeled anything yet.

Labels were for grown-ups.


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