After the end of International Women’s Day, I’m still a tad heated about the responses I’ve gotten from peers regarding feminism.

You can read articles about why feminism exists and needs to exist. I don’t know how to explain it further without being repetitive. Women are not treated as equals in society. They are treated as subordinates to men. They have less positions of power in government as well as multiple other jobs. In literature, in media, in fashion, men DOMINATE the fields. The treatment of women as objects, as purely sexual beings — that’s inequality.

The underlying rape culture in our country, in our world. That’s inequality. The fact that I have to constantly worry about my safety when walking home alone at night. When walking to my car. When entering parking lots by myself. Inequality.

I’m perpetually in a state of danger. Why? Because I’m a girl? I guess so.

(and I am not saying boys don’t get sexually assaulted and raped, but there isn’t that inherent fear always present – at least in my perspective).

There are so many ways women are institutionally unequal to men. People don’t realize it because society has normalized it. And people are questioning it now because we are advocating to be treated as equals (even though we have been for decades). Of course you would question it! Because society has told you the current situation is normal!

Some people don’t think advocation necessary because, in their minds, society says whatever’s happening right now is fine. When it’s not.

Male privilege is ignorance.

Feminism is a civil rights movement and deserves to be treated with the respect allotted to other movements.


Photo Credit – also a very nice article!


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