Dreaming and backwards thinking.

What is the point to dreaming, learning, loving, living? Those are the keys to happiness, right? My dreams are different from your dreams, my goals, my aspirations.. we are not the same.

Why do we keep comparing ourselves to others? I am guilty of this. But honestly. Why do we compare ourselves to others and our talents to others if our dreams are different? If our goals are different? What good will comparing do when we are living different lives and are on different tracks to happiness?

I am the first to admit that I compare myself to peers and I judge myself based on others’ successes, but as I write this out and become self-aware (a truly important trait), I want to make sure to stop being a hypocrite (or at least try to stop).

I want to be a writer. I want people I read what I have to say. This doesn’t mean that my work is the ONLY work people should read. Isn’t that the point of being inspired and having dreams? To consume myself with the most creative things possible in order to one day be able to create an original, unique work of my own?

That’s my true #goal.



Photo Credit: Jackson Pollock


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