Writer’s block: the sad but true reality of my life.

I’m at a point in my life where I have run out of things to write about. (Well, I know not literally – there will always be a new topic to spark my interest.. but allow me to continue).

I have searched through just about every writing prompt and blog prompt tag, looking for some inspiration, and have come up empty handed. Now, I don’t know what the reasons for general writer’s block are, but I know some things that are blocking the creative juices of my own mind:

  1. College. The ENORMOUS idea that I’m leaving home in around 6 months, and the OTHER idea that I don’t know where I’m going yet. (which brings me to the next topic……)
  2. Leaving home. Something that I’m still coming to terms with, even though I know the actual action is far ahead of my time right now. Walking into my house after school and realizing that this is an action I take advantage of. Lying in my bed and watching Netflix is something that I won’t be doing come October. Putting on the kettle to make some tea will be difficult when you are in a dorm. I’m tackling with the concept of my whole life never being the same again, and I low-key dislike it.
  3. Daily activities in regards to school, leadership, etc. Even if I don’t realize it, I have a lot of responsibilities that take over my brain more than the reminders of “Don’t forget to write something today, you’ll only disappoint yourself if you don’t” and so on. I tend to put real people’s needs over the needs of my imagination, and that’s okay (but I don’t want to give up my writing for it.)
  4. Friends. I’m not saying its a bad thing to value your friends more than your writing, but at the time in my life right now, I’m putting spending time with them ahead of writing. Real people are greater than words, but words aren’t any less important.

I think since this time period is so heavily (emotionally) packed, I’m not altogether present up in my brain to be able to disassociate and write something -whether it be poems or little personal essays or narratives.

But hey, there is always tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Writer’s block: the sad but true reality of my life.

  1. You are the opposite of me. I constantly have something to write, but I always write to myself in my journal. I am afraid that no one wants to hear about my life and ordeals etc. I experienced rejection to many times to even bother waste my time sharing my inner thoughts and life experiences.


    1. That’s really interesting! I usually can think of things while doing other activities, but once I sit down I cannot remember what I wanted to say. But I definitely think your ideas are worth sharing! It’s tough to take the risk to put yourself out there, but I have found it really rewarding.

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