Time Travel (?)

The idea of time travel mind boggles me. The decision to go back and change your past, and the possibility of completely hindering and altering your future also mind boggles me.

Background information: I recently watched season one of The CW’s The Flash. (A good amount of spoilers below!!)

The main character is faced with a decision of going back in time to change something about his life. The main character, Barry Allen, has a similar situation to my own – but mine isn’t as extreme and comic book-eqsue as his. We both lost our moms. Barry was given a choice to go back in time and save his mom. What if I was given the choice to go back and save mine?

This question has been irking me ever since I finished season one. The enormity of this question and the whole circumstance stresses me out. I know it’s not humanly possible (now), but can you imagine? Being given the choice to go back and change this horrible, painful event of your life? Would you do it? Would I do it?

Just thinking about what could change due to this decision… how your time line would be altered. Would you get as close to the group of friends you have now? What about your family? Would the strong ties be as strong? Would your interests and extracurriculars in school be as meaningful as they are now? The fact that you might not even have the same life, know the same people — how could you even wrap your head around that idea? Every decision you’ve made has a chain reaction. When you go back in time, it means that your one change will have a literal life altering effect.

In the show, Barry says to Joe, “I was born with one father, but that tragedy gave me two and I don’t think I can lose you.” Try to wrap your head around that. From a tragedy came such an unexpected constant, positive presence in Barry’s life. Applying that to my own life.. I don’t think I could lose the friendships, the bonds I’ve made in the past few years.

With all the loss experienced, there was also so much to gain.

The sick but honest truth is that everything happens for a reason. It might just take a while to figure out those reasons, and I don’t think changing the past will solve anything, no matter how painful the present is.



Photo Credit: The CW’s The Flash (logo)



3 thoughts on “Time Travel (?)

  1. Hey Anahita!
    Just wanted to drop by and say I love your writing- it’s so honest and I can definitely relate to a lot of it. I’m also in sort of a similar situation (I lost my dad to cancer about five years ago… and I also just recently finished season one of the Flash πŸ˜› ) and it’s pretty comforting to know that there are others with similar thought processes to my own, haha.
    Thanks for writing this! Looking forward to reading more from you πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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