The next storm?

They both found comfort in the rain. It was chilly afternoon; clouds darkened the skies above them. It was hard to just find a time to sit alone together on the porch, looking out at the world around them. The quiet, peaceful world.

Tap tap tap.

“Do you think we’ll ever get used to the change?” 

His head shakes. “No, and I don’t know if that’s okay. It’s not like we can do anything about it anyways.”

Tap tap tap.

It would always come. Change was inevitable, and they knew that. They had experience with life, death, babies, grades… all the things that could possibly change a teenagers life at one point or another. The idea of themselves being the agent of change, going off to college, having the choice of where to go but not the choice of actually physically choosing to leave…. that was a change that didn’t settle well.

Tap tap tap.

“I wonder if it will still rain tomorrow.”



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