Are we limitless yet?

“Are we limitless yet? I don’t know- let’s jump and find out.”

Our sweaty palms clasped together. Hearts beating a mile a minute, minds racing with possibilities. One deep breath. He looked at me one more time before the two of us took a running start off the cliff and into the water around 20 feet below us. His green eyes were the last sight I remember before landing in the ice-cold water of the swimming hole.

My eyes opened under water. I tried to make out my surroundings. I was engulfed by a hazy, blue-green atmosphere, the icy water giving me goosebumps.

He had kicked up back to the surface; our hands drifted apart as we landed into the hole. I couldn’t place where he used to be, the air bubbles assimilating back into the water.

Where was I? My lungs were burning. I felt the pressure in my ears. What was life if it all drifted away, if it all assimilated back into the water of the world? I closed my eyes. Nothingness. What was love if it was temporary? Would this water even be here tomorrow? Would I be? Would we be together?

I knew I was running out of oxygen. I opened my eyes. The sun’s rays pierced into the surface of the water. I thought it was the sky or the sea.

A chain linking them together – where would it end? Was I even ready to see?

It was time.

I let out the last bit of breath I was holding into the water before kicking up.

Am I limitless? I jumped. Let’s find out.



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